Experience walking in your shoes

Though Frontera is new, it's people are experienced. Founded by seasoned business leaders, Frontera's people have more than eighty years of experience working in volunteer and non-profit settings, and nearly as much experience in the for-profit sector.

Frontera's people have experience as business leaders in widely recognized international corporations, as well as in schools, churches, clubs, and community organizations. They have served on boards of directors (both commercial and non-profit). They have taught Sunday School, volunteered in schools, raised funds, and facilitated relief projects…

In short, they've walked in your shoes. Frontera people have a special sensitivity to your sense of mission combined with the rigor of a world-class business operation.

Why Frontera?

You need an office, but you don’t need the overhead? Perhaps you need less than a full-time equivalent? Maybe you just need lower costs for transaction processing. Whatever it might be, Frontera will collaborate with you to take cost out of your back-office.

All client and donor activity is recorded, and all paper transactions bar-coded for tracking and security. Strong business processes, internal audits, and bank procedures protect both Frontera people and their clients.

Frontera is about reducing hassle for you. When you partner with Frontera, you are free to focus on your core mission. Focus brings effectiveness. And we’re fast: You get access to business-critical information in real-time online.

Your donors in the US will never know the Frontera name. It will be your brand, your communications, and your customer touch. The phone will be answered with your name, the donor confirmations will be on your letterhead. For sure, we’ll be behind the scenes, making it work, but Frontera will never stand between you and your donors.