Bag of Groceries
Provide immediate relief through a bag of groceries for families experiencing vulnerable times. Each bag provides food for a week for a family of five.
Nutritious Lunches
Secure nutritious lunches for 250 children every day. Good nutrition is key for proper growth and a good academic performance.
Secondary School Student
Give a secondary student the opportunity to be holistically developed through education, access to health, spiritual guidance, love and affection.
Vacation Bible School
Introduce children to Jesus through a week of learning, sharing and fun activities.

$ 25 $ 500

$ 60 $ 1500

$ 70 $ 840

$ 25 $ 625

Treasures' Bible Club
Provide a safe, loving environment where children can thrive. Every week, 200 children gather for Bible studies, crafts, games and a nutritious meal while being guided by youth from the local communities.
Loan for a Micro Entrepreneur
Empower emerging entrepreneurs to invest in their business and improve the lives of their families.
Medical Services
Give a patient access to medical checkups, diagnosis tests and medicine at one of our clinics.

$ 25 $ 1250

$ 135 $ 1350

$ 50 $ 2500

Birthday Celebration for Children in the Rural Area
Celebrate the gift of life for children whose birthdays often go unnoticed because their parents cannot afford to do anything special on that day.
Expand God’s kingdom to poverty-afflicted areas in rural Guatemala by allowing us to explore and identify communities where we can replicate PHA’s work model to develop, empower and multiply Treasures!
Training for Teachers in the Rural Area
Equip and train dedicated teachers in rural Guatemala so they are able to use practical and innovative methods to work with children and families living in poverty.

$ 100 $ 400

$ 500 $ 2000

$ 50 $ 500