Bag of Groceries
Covid-19 has made food security even more difficult. Provide a family of 5 people with a bag of staple foods that will allow them 2 meals a day for 2 weeks.
Nutritious Lunches
Secure nutritious lunches and snacks for 345 children every day during the school year.
Where Needed Most
Potter´s House continues on the journey to recovery after the financial impact of Covid-19.Give a gift that will help meet specific ministry needs.
$ 25 $ 500
$ 60 $ 180
$ 50 $ 1,000
Vacation Bible Camp
Bible lessons, school support, sports and art all contribute to a child´s holistic development. Give a child the opportunity to enjoy these activities as we keep them off the streets during their school break.
School Supplies
Remote learning and lack of resources negatively impacts education for children in poverty. Provide children with tools and materials to dignify their home learning environment.
Medical Services
The sanitary crisis in the country has limited access to public health care services even more. Provide a Treasure with access to medical checkups, lab tests and medicines at our clinic.
$ 25 $ 100
$ 50 $ 500
$ 50 $ 500
Agriculture and Livestock Project
Fighting food insecurity is essential to survival and growth. Help teach a family how to grow food and livestock to support themselves.
Help a micro business grow
Small businesses are struggling due to restrictions and financial crisis. A small loan can impact a business and improve a family´s life.
Staff Retreat
One of our biggest resources is our staff. We would not be able to serve without them. Your gift can help one staff member know how much they are loved and appreciated!
$ 800 $ 8,000
$ 135 $ 675
$ 350 $ 3,500
Comfortable facilities for kids
Classrooms host up to 25 students at once making them hot. Air conditioning will not only make students comfortable but will filter the air- a great need during these pandemic times!
Laptop Computer
With growth and world challenges we have learned to be versatile, have improved our productivity and learned to do things in a new way. Equipping our staff with new computers will give them the tools they need to continue to be efficient from home or any of our sites around the country.
New vehicle
A heavy duty vehicle will allow us to will travel more than 15,000 kms every year carrying teams to villages, distribute food, essential equipment for ministry, construction materials and aid for communities in need after natural disasters.
$ 4,000 $ 10,000
$ 600 $ 1,200
$ 25,000
Staff training
Help us provide the staff with relevant training opportunities so they can grow their skills and knowledge and prepare them to serve the Treasures more effectively and while having a greater impact.
Occupational safety equipment
Our dedicated staff work in diverse situations and locations, stress is always present and keeping them physically healthy through the appropriate tools and measures is important.
$ 500
$ 500