Gifts that develop the Treasures
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel and watch over you. - Psalm 32:8
Treasures Bible Club
Provide a safe and loving environment where children can be children. Every week 200 children gather for Bible studies, crafts, games and a nutritious meal.
Secondary Student
Education is one of the most important tools in breaking the cycle of poverty. By sponsoring a child you are providing them with the opportunity to be holistically developed through education, access to health, spiritual guidance and love and affection.
Nutritious lunches
Vital nutritious meals are given to 250 children on a daily basis. This ensures their proper growth and positively impacts their education. Basic health treatments such as fluoride treatments, vitamins and anti-parasitic medications are also provided.
Vacation Bible School
A personal relationship with God is key in the Treasure's development and process of transformation. Provide a safe environment for children, away from the streets and danger and help us introduce them to Jesus while having fun.

$ 25 $ 125

$ 70 $ 840

$ 60 $ 1500

$ 25 $ 250
Gifts that Empower the Treasures!
And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. -2 Timothy 2:2
Community Facilitator
PHA alumni are given work experience so they are better prepared for the Guatemala work force and are able to achieve their professional goals.
A loan for an entrepreneur
Dignifying jobs are hard to come by for the poor. By providing emerging entrepreneurs with loans PHA empowers them to invest in their businesses, experience growth and thus provide for their families.
Community Center
These are safe havens where children, youth and families are developed through 5 holistic programs that will facilitate their spiritual, mental and physical growth. These centers are mainly coordinated by empowered community volunteers.

$ 420 $ 1260

$ 100 $ 400

$ 2500 $ 6000
Gift that allow the Treasures to share with others
For I gave you an example that you also should do as I did to you. -John 13:15
Exploratory Visit
PHA has felt led to expand its area of impact to all of Guatemala. These exploratory visits allow us to study the main types of poverty in these areas as well as identify poor and at risk children, families and communities in with whom we can begin to work in.
Equipping Projects
Many families live in extremely overcrowded homes where many times the children are forced to sleep on dirt floors. This affects their respiratory systems and exposes the children to bugs and rodents. Provide a family in rural Guatemala with a bed that will dignify and protect their children.
Bag of groceries
Access to basic staple foods is many times limited in Guatemala's rural areas. During our exploratory trips we are able to reach and impact new families living in harsh conditions and needing of God's provision.
Treasures serving beyond their community
Exposing our Treasures to others in poverty is essential in their sharing and helping others in need. Their participation in exploratory visits not only expands their worldview but allows them to make an impact in other areas of the country.

$ 2000 $ 6000

$ 250 $ 1000

$ 25 $ 125

$ 500 $ 1500