Nutritious Lunches
Secure nutritious lunches and snacks for 250 children every day during the school year.
Secondary School Student
Give a secondary student access to education, health, spiritual guidance, love and much more.
Vacation Bible School
Introduce children to Jesus through a week of learning, sharing and fun activities.

$ 60 $ 1500

$ 70 $ 840

$ 25 $ 625

Medical Services
Give a patient access to medical checkups, diagnosis tests and medicine at our clinic.
Emergency Fund
Provide lasting and effective relief to victims of natural disasters (drought, flooding, etc.) and emergencies.
Bag of Groceries
Provide immediate relief for families experiencing vulnerable times.

$ 50 $ 2500

$ 500 $ 1000

$ 25 $ 500

School Supplies for children in rural areas
Education is key in breaking the cycle of poverty. Provide children with the tools they need to learn and grow their minds.
Chiquimula Business School
The lack of formal work in rural Chiquimula has led us to train and prepare entrepreneurs who can support themselves and their families in areas with little access to jobs.
Loan for a micro entrepreneur
Empower emerging entrepreneurs to invest in their business and improve the lives of their families.

$ 25 $ 2500

$ 100 $ 1000

$ 135 $ 1350