Computer Lab
On-line platforms are the new means for schools to teach from a distance. By expanding our computer lab we will be able to provide more high school students with computers and internet.
Bag of Groceries
Covid-19 has made food security even more difficult. Provide a family of 5 people with a bag of staple foods that will allow them 2 meals a day for 2 weeks.
PPE equipment for students
Provide a child with Personal Protection Equipment to keep them safe upon returning to our programs.
$ 500 $ 1000
$ 25 $ 500
$ 90 $ 180
Medical Services
The poor have limited access to health services. Provide a Treasure with access to medical check ups. diagnostic tests and medicines at our clinic.
Nutritious Lunches
Food insecurity has grown due to Covid-19 but you can help children and youth recover their well-being by providing nutritious lunches and meals for 285 children and youth.
Agriculture and Livestock Project
In order to fight food insecurity help teach a family how to grow food and livestock to support themselves.
$ 50 $ 2500
$ 60 $ 1500
$ 800 $ 1600
School for Parents
Provide spiritual and emotional support and guidance for parents. Teach Biblical roles for each family member with an emphasis on emotional intelligence.
Chiquimula Business School
The lack of formal work in rural Chiquimula has led us to train and prepare entrepreneurs who can support themselves and their families in areas with little access to jobs.
Loan for a micro entrepreneur
Empower emerging entrepreneurs to invest in their business and improve their families' lives.
Where Needed Most
Economic crisis brought on by Covid-19 has hurt Potter's House and its finances. Give a gift that will meet specific ministry needs.
$ 15 $ 1500
$ 100 $ 1000
$ 135 $ 1350
$ 50 $ 1000